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Friday, February 3, 2006

Workers repair vandalized windows at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School on Monday. (Photo by Susan Mills)
Ten years ago, a man in the neighborhood between the hours of nine and five would have been part of the lawn crew, a mailman, or maybe an over-65 retiree. Now, throughout Carlisle, at-home dads have entered the mix, arranging play-dates, chauffeuring kids to activities, volunteering at the school, and doing all the jobs, including laundry and grocery shopping, ...more

Friday, March 31, is the new opening date for the Concord-Carlisle Swim and Fitness Center being built across from the high school. The facility is being built on land owned by the town of Concord. C.C. Pools, Inc., a non-profit, is organizing fundraising and overseeing construction. C.C. Pools plans to turn over ownership of the building to the town of Concord ...more

Just one day apart, the Carlisle School saw two senior staff enter their resignations — Principal Dr. Stephen Goodwin and Assistant Principal Michael Giurlando. Goodwin sent a community-wide mail to parents on January 25 announcing he had accepted a position at the Lynch Elementary School in Winchester, Mass. The next day, Giurlando sent out a similar ...more

Very early Sunday morning a dozen windows were broken at the entrance of the Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS). Principal Art Dulong said the estimate to repair the damage is over $10,000. Repairs are expected to be completed this week. At this time, the person or persons responsible for the vandalism have not been caught. ...more

As the Finance Committee (FinCom) hears budget proposals for the next fiscal year from Carlisle's town boards and departments, the same story repeats itself. Everyone needs more help — more people-hours — to deal with federal, state and local mandates such as emergency preparedness and 40B review and development. The typical budget presented at ...more

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