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Friday, January 27, 2006


Health and fitness taught in many ways at Carlisle School

Carlisle physical education teachers Lynne Carmel, Margaret Heigl, and Phil LaPalme, and Carlisle School nurse Kathy Horan described the "Coordinated School Health" program at the January 18 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting. Highlights include a new traditional dance unit for third- and fourth-grade classes, an after-school "Project Adventure" program, a media class for eighth-graders in which they created thirty-second public health announcements on topics such as smoking and drugs, and parent education seminars. In addition the teachers described an interdisciplinary collaboration between health, physical education, art, music, and the fourth grades to support cultural studies and do activities such as Mexican hat dancing during the study of Mexico, Chinese Ribbon Dance, and floor hockey during the study of Canada.

The team made four recommendations to the CSC. They asked that the .5 staff person be reinstated, and that a new position of Athletic Director be created and filled. The team also suggested that a 911 call box be installed at the Spalding Field, along with a source of potable water.

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