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Friday, January 27, 2006


Students defend the eighth-grade trip

Eighth-graders Tasha Bjork, Mairead Murphy, and Tracy d'Arbeloff attended the January 18 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) to share discussions their class is having on the plans for the annual eighth-grade trip. Carlisle School Special Educator Skip Avery gave a brief history of the past overnight trips, which started as a French culture learning experience. One year the class traveled to NYC, which resulted in too much time traveling, he explained.

The trip planned by this year's eighth-grade includes visiting museums and nature preserves in Western Massachusetts, an overnight stay, and a morning visit to another museum, after which they will conclude the trip with a visit to Six Flags Theme Park.

In a previous meeting the CSC had expressed concern that the trip was becoming too focused on socialization and not enough on educational venues. "If the trip is under the auspices of the school, it can't just be about socialization," explained Carlisle School Committee member Christy Barbee. "It couldn't just be Six Flags, or it should be run by parents," she added.

The students, who were under the impression the trip was in jeopardy, were told the School Committee had already given permission to hold the trip this year, but were still discussing what the future of the trip would be in following years. "What are your thoughts about the trip?" Carlisle School Committee member Michael Fitzgerald asked the students. Tasha said the students are still discussing which museums to visit, including the Rockwell Museum and a butterfly nature center. "Kids behave well on the first day with educational visits, and they deserve to have a day of fun," said Mairead.

The committee appeared impressed by the level of involvement the students have in planning the trip. "If there is a commitment from students, then there will be more responsible behavior," noted Carlisle School Committee member Wendell Sykes.

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