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Friday, January 20, 2006


Shorts from the ConsCom, January 12

· Greystone Crossing continuation. A scheduled hearing on William Costello's application for approval of plans covering two common driveways and associated facilities on his proposed Cross Street conservation cluster, was continued to 8:30 p.m., January 26, at the applicant's request. The postponement will allow commissioners to study revisions to the complex specifications recently approved by the Planning Board.

· 143 Fiske Street. The commission accepted a Notice of Intent to install a lined, post-and-rail fence on property owned by Hans and Lorraine Hrasna, pending receipt of comments from the state's Natural Heritage Program. The applicants' objective was to contain their dogs and discourage intrusion by large mammals such as deer or coyotes. Several commissioners expressed concern that some of the posts would be located within the wetland itself, but Commissioner Tricia Smith assured them that, with careful use of an auger, there should be no serious problem. The only special conditions were that Hrasna await notification of state approval, and leave a space under the proposed heavy-fabric liner to allow turtles and other amphibians to crawl under the fence.

·Budget Progress. Chairman Tom Schultz informed his colleagues that the Board of Selectmen had okayed their proposed budget for presentation to the Finance Committee. The budget came in under the two-and-a-half percent increase limit set by FinCom.

· Possible warrant articles. In a brief look ahead to possible warrant articles for the Annual Town Meeting, the group considered measures that might decrease the need for unpopular enforcement orders, i.e.,how to prevent cases of failure-to-file mandated applications and/or failure to close out completed projects. No final decisions were made.

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