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Friday, January 20, 2006

Citizens Action Team thanks donors

To the Editor:

Many thanks to all the Carlisleans who opened their hearts, closets, kitchen shelves, and wallets to make the holidays warmer and brighter for people left with little after the hurricanes. Citizen Action Team sent a huge truckload of coats, jackets, toys, gift wrap, food, and books to the gulf coast of Mississippi before Christmas. We collected from all over Eastern Massachusetts; I have to say Carlisle did more than its share.

I can't possibly thank all you individual elves who snuck into my garage with bags and boxes of goods, but please know I'm grateful. Thanks to the Girl Scouts and their parents, and especially their leaders Lisa Koski and Joan Konuk, who rounded up coats and jackets, and who took the excess clothing to Goodwill for local needs. Thanks to Ellen Huber for pulling together a hurried drive at First Religious Society. A lot of kids in Hancock County, Mississippi, have great books to read and games to play because of the generosity of teachers and school families; thanks to school guidance counselor Carole Donlan-McAuliffe for making it happen. The student council, with the help of adviser Skip Avery, gathered more than 250 canned items. Thanks, kids, for the enthusiastic muscle you put into loading my car. And you holiday partiers in Tall Pines provided excellent toys.

Our goods were received with glee; relief workers on the ground had been very concerned about how parents would afford to keep their kids warm, let alone how to provide Christmas, Hannukkah, and Kwanza presents.

Life is improving for many in the region. Many, finally, are moving into trailers. A few are moving back to their homes. But some are still in tents and cars. There is a long way to go to rebuild. Citizen Action Team, a group of local volunteers, continues to collect kitchen items and bedding. We are working with organizers in New Orleans and neighboring St. Bernard Parish to determine how we can help as people return and schools reopen. Please contact me, or 1-978-369-4343, if you'd like to help.

Town Clerk provides correction

To the Editor:

The recent census mailing included instructions for renewing dog licenses. Unfortunately, the contact telephone number listed on the dog license application is incorrect. For questions regarding the licensing of dogs in Carlisle, please contact the Town Clerk by phone at: 1-978-369-6155 or e-mail at: I regret any inconvenience this error has caused.

Charlene M. Hinton,
Carlisle Town Clerk
East Street
Christy Barbee
Citizen Action Team
Cranberry Hill Lane

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