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Friday, January 13, 2006


On Monday, January 9, the Recreation Commission (RecCom) presented a plan to the Finance Committee (FinCom) for Phase 2 of the development of playing fields at Banta-Davis. A plan for a three-phased development, passed at Town Meeting in the late '90s, has so far seen the completion of the first phase in the year 2000. The second phase would include two Little ...more

The Carlisle School Committee voted in December to accept Bedford Charter's three-year bus contract, totaling $1,228,830. They were the only company to bid on the contract. The previous contract totaled $1,113,210 for three years. Though the contract cost has risen by roughly 10%, Carlisle School Business Manager Moore was not recommending an increase in bus ...more

New Mosquito editors usually arrive with a number of qualifications, such as a love of Carlisle, a commitment to the mission of a community newspaper, and lots of enthusiasm — but not always with much experience in journalism or communications. In Ellen Miller, who takes over as Feature Editor this week (see below), the Mosquito is fortunate to ...more

With this issue, the feature editorship passes from Marilyn Harte to Ellen Miller, ending a quarter century of stories that Marilyn wrote or edited that recorded and reflected life in our town. Marilyn has been the voice of Carlisle for a whole generation of Mosquito readers, who have read her editorials, cooked her recipes, met their neighbors and participated ...more

The Board of Selectmen has chosen Susan Emmons of Baldwin Road as Carlisle's Unsung Heroine. Responding to a request from the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, Selectmen were asked to nominate a woman from the community as an Unsung Heroine of Massachusetts. ...more

The Carlisle Housing Authority (CHA) is preparing to shift into high gear now that the town has a state-approved plan to increase affordable housing stock and is working to build affordable housing on the Benfield Land. While the CHA expects to spend most of its time over the next year focusing on the Benfield development, at Tuesday's meeting they explored ...more

The Carlisle School has a new spelling program said reading specialists Donna Clapp and Sue LaPorte at the January 4 School Committee meeting. Discussing the differences between a traditional elementary spelling program and the new Sitton Program, Clapp and LaPorte said they were pleased with the results of the transition. The Sitton Program, introduced as ...more

Students at the Carlisle School begin learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. in kindergarten, well before the January 16 observance of his birthday which is, of course, a school holiday. The Mosquito asked Carlisle School Principal Stephen Goodwin about activities and lessons on Martin Luther King, Jr. "We try to not simply have students participate in ...more

The Student Transitional Education Program (STEP) helps a small number of disadvantaged students at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) who would most likely not graduate without it. CCHS vice-principal Alan Weinstein administers the program, that was designed for those juniors and seniors that find themselves in jeopardy of not graduating. ...more

Preliminary applications for projects to be funded by monies allocated through the Community Preservation Act (CPA) are due January 25. Individuals, committees, as well as non-profit and town-sponsored groups, are eligible to apply. ...more

The Council on Aging (COA) requested budget for FY07 reflects a decrease in total salaries and an increase in expenses. Director Jane Williams, accompanied by Chairman Ted Read and Treasurer Jim Elgin, presented the COA FY07 budget to the Board of Selectmen at their January 10 meeting. "This shift reflects our intent to make better use of our van drivers ...more

Wine and malt license.There will be a public hearing at the next Board of Selectmen meeting on January 24 regarding the application by Larry Bearfield of Ferns Country Store for a wine and malt license. Legal time constraints require the Board to make a decision before the end of January. ...more

New chairman. Kent Gonzales was selected chairman of the Wireless Bylaw Subcommittee. Former chair Rich Boule resigned in December after moving to Chelmsford. ...more

Ralph Hogan of Lowell appeared before the Zoning Board of Appeals on January 5, to request a modification to a special permit previously granted to Albert Gould at 1230 Westford Street. Hogan plans to purchase the property from Gould and build a new home further forward in the lot than originally approved by the ZBA to avoid cutting down a significant amount ...more

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