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Friday, January 13, 2006


With temperatures in the low 20s to mid-30s and some sun in the morning but clouding over in the afternoon, 11 birders plus feeder watchers participated in the annual Christmas Bird Count on January 2. This was the 33rd consecutive year of the count in Carlisle and the 106th year in the U.S. Carlisle south of Route 225, where the census took place, is at the ...more

Has the Highland School reached the end of its usefulness? Or should it continue to stand at the top of "Schoolhouse Hill" on School Street, historical and utilitarian, a tribute to Carlisle's ability to meet the needs of the community? ...more

Name: Winterberry is Ilex verticillata, a member of the holly family and a native of northeast America. It also goes by the names Black Alder, coralberry, and fever bush. Every now and then I remark about issues with common names. "Winterberry" is fine but I have trouble with "Black Alder." The problem is that there are real ...more

When we moved to Carlisle in the early 1970s, we could count on fairly reliable cross-country skiing on the Towle Field trails and in Estabrook Woods. Now, we count on the groomed trails at Great Brook Farm State Park for many days of skiing when the woods offer only ice and rocks. However, there are some snowstorms which frustrate us, because we live on the ...more

The Sharing Foundation, founded by former Carlisleans Dr. Nancy Hendrie and nurse-practitioner Judy Jones, embodies what the members of our class believe can make a difference in Cambodia, a country whose greatest need today is education. The mission of the organization is to care for and educate disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Some projects include the ...more

John Harte, a professor of Environmental Science at the University of California at Berkeley and brother of Carlisle resident Ken Harte, recently spoke on the value of our natural environment at a First Religious Society service. For many people, our natural environment has huge intrinsic aesthetic and spiritual value. Dr. Harte says that we can determine ...more

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