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Friday, January 13, 2006


ZBA wants more details for Hogan permit request

Ralph Hogan of Lowell appeared before the Zoning Board of Appeals on January 5, to request a modification to a special permit previously granted to Albert Gould at 1230 Westford Street. Hogan plans to purchase the property from Gould and build a new home further forward in the lot than originally approved by the ZBA to avoid cutting down a significant amount of mature pine trees.

Abutter John Frodigh agreed that the house location presented by Hogan was much more suitable to the topography of the lot versus what the board had approved for Gould. Hogan presented a working plan for the house at the meeting, but it was different from the plan he had submitted with his application to the ZBA.

After discussing proper application procedures with Hogan, the board denied Hogan's special permit request without prejudice and invited him to submit a new application with a detailed plot plan and house outline on Friday so it could be heard at the next ZBA meeting on February 2.

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