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Friday, January 13, 2006


Shorts from the Wireless Bylaw Subcommittee, January 3

New chairman. Kent Gonzales was selected chairman of the Wireless Bylaw Subcommittee. Former chair Rich Boule resigned in December after moving to Chelmsford.

Discussion of objectives.The group discussed conflicting objectives — writing a bylaw that gives clear criteria for use by the Special Permit Granting Authority of the Planning Board, while allowing the bylaw sufficient flexibility to perform its function in what is a complex evolving technology area. An updated draft of the proposed bylaw was distributed, but not discussed. The draft was prepared by David Maxson, subcommittee consultant and managing partner of Broadcast Signal Lab. The agenda for the next meeting will include review of members' comments on the draft and a working meeting with Maxson.

Planning Board chair David Freedman attended the meeting and offered suggestions on the schedule of events prior to the Spring Town Meeting. He emphasized the need for soliciting public input but stated that schedule constraints may make it difficult to hold a community forum in addition to the required public hearing by the Planning Board on the proposed bylaw changes.

The next meeting of the Wireless Bylaw Subcommittee is tentatively scheduled for January 18 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall. A presentation will be made to the Board of Selectmen on January 24.

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