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Friday, January 13, 2006


Carlisle School signs $1,228,830 three-year bus contract

The Carlisle School Committee voted in December to accept Bedford Charter's three-year bus contract, totaling $1,228,830. They were the only company to bid on the contract. The previous contract totaled $1,113,210 for three years. Though the contract cost has risen by roughly 10%, Carlisle School Business Manager Moore was not recommending an increase in bus fees in FY07. A fee of $395 is currently charged to families with seventh- and eighth-graders who ride the schoolbus.

The contract includes a "fuel escalator" provision that states Carlisle will pay more if diesel costs rise by more than 27 cents above the $2.70 per gallon allowed. Similarly, the town will be reimbursed if prices fall by more than 10%. According to Moore, the old contract also contained this provision. The first year the town received about $3,000 back, the second year was close to even, and this year the town will be required to pay roughly $5,000 extra because of increased fuel prices.

Carlisle uses eight buses to transport both middle-school and elementary grades, while three are used for the kindergartners.

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