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Friday, January 13, 2006

Town Clerk is out of the hospital

To the Editor:

By now, all Carlisle residents should have received their annual Town Census form and dog license applications. If anyone has not received these documents, please call the Town Clerk's office at 1-978-369-6155 or send an e-mail to

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience these past two weeks. Due to my recent injury and hospitalization, we were unable to keep the Town Clerk's office open daily from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Several afternoons the office was closed early, and I regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

We are now back on schedule and operating on our regular posted schedule. Feel free to drop off your census in the drop box on our counter or just slide it under the door should you arrive after the office has closed. You may also leave your dog license renewal information, and we will mail the new license to your home.

Again, many thanks for your kindness during my recovery, and I look forward to seeing you at Town Hall.

Charlene M. Hinton, Town Clerk
East Street

The community has grown stronger

To the Editor:

Last month we found another community in Carlisle. The schools, conservationists, sport participants, church-goers, artists, elderly, library readers, thespians, musicians, volunteers, town employees, Republicans and Democrats are some of the obvious groups that come to mind. Yet, the hubbub about the new police chief awakened some to another part of Carlisle.

The retirement parties of Chief Galvin and Chief Koning were magnificent events full of humor, comradery, recognition letters, commendations and speeches. Most know of the brotherhood and sisterhood of the police and fire legions. It crosses communities in the Commonwealth and the country. Fire and police go to Worcester, New York City and New Orleans. We all see the service, sacrifice, risk and community spirit of our police and fire workers. Sometimes we turn to them for help in things big and small.

In Carlisle, we have a much more tangible tie to our Police and Fire Departments — many are our neighbors. The departments have grown-up with the town over the past 30 years from small skeletal operations coordinated by our prime communicator, Esther Wilson to the full-fledged professional departments with cars, ladder trucks, complicated shifts and union contracts. The parties for Chief Galvin and Koning were a recognition of all they helped create. And the appointments of Chief Flannery, and now, Chief Sullivan are an affirmation of Carlisle's history with our police and fire chiefs. Continuity and change.

Community support and respect for all the relationships (and discretion) that the Police Department and Chief Sullivan have built-up over the years is a remarkable feat. Many of us did not fully appreciate this until the December selection process became part of a public debate. Yes, there were some strong feelings, intemperate remarks, and awkward situations, but we as a community are much stronger because of this discussion. I saw and heard many conversations on all sides that recognized how lucky we are to have such dedicated public servants as part of Carlisle.

Thank you all who were part of this process. It was worth the effort, even with the froth.

John Ballantine
Fiske Street

Ski accident handled with speed and compassion

To the Editor:

In mid-December our daughter fell while practicing with the Concord-Carlisle High School Cross-Country Ski Team at Great Brook Farm State Park. The team's coach, Carlisle resident Dusty Johnstone, called the Carlisle EMTs who responded quickly and transported her by ambulance on a back board to Emerson Hospital where X-rays revealed no serious injury.

We want to thank Dusty and the EMTs for working out a plan ahead of time so a team injury could be dealt with quickly. Also, our daughter said she appreciated the kindness of the EMTs, Michael Brophy and Frank Sargent, who are fathers of two of her classmates and made her feel comfortable.

Janet Rothrock and Dave Lebling
Annursnac Hill Road, Concord

Dog found a home

To the Editor:

I would like to follow up to the ad I ran for the Westie-poo needing a home. I received over 50 calls in response to the ad. She was placed in a wonderful home with people who love her very much and is doing very well. The enormous response I received is reflective of the wonderful animal caring community we live in. Caring about our animals — both domestic and wild — and our environment is a common thread among many Carlisleans we should be proud of. Thank you to everyone who responded.

Francene Amari-Faulkner
Bedford Road

Thank you to "some fellow Carlisleans"

To the Editor:

I wish I could thank each of you individually, but I guess you will know who you are.

The thought and the gift were both greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your kind gesture.

Ed Jenney
Brook Street

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