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Friday, December 16, 2005


Tanya and Greg White honor both Christmas and Hanukkah

Like many Carlisle families, Tanya and Greg White of Aberdeen Drive celebrate two December holidays — Christmas and Hanukkah. Tanya explains, "I grew up in the Ukraine and moved to the U.S. in 1978, when I was 14. My family's Hanukkah celebrations were low-key, but I always received gelt, which is gift money." Tanya and Greg strive ...more

I go to my recipe box on the kitchen counter and take out the cards filed under COOKIES. I sort through them looking for the ones I use at this time of year, in the days before Christmas. I have my favorites — the Miskolczy's Dios Kifli, Betty McCullough's Cinnamon Squares and the Dried Fruit Balls, and the Chocolate Truffles I learned to make in a cooking ...more

News Flash: A man-eating plant ingested at least four people on the auditorium stage at Concord-Carlisle High School last weekend. Fortunately, the victims survived, able to be repeatedly consumed over the three consecutive days of the musical Little Shop of Horrors, presented at CCHS on December 10, 11 and 12. ...more

submitted by Irene Bass Blake ...more

On December 3, my wife D'Ann saw a warbler on our sunflower heart feeder. I had seen the bird, but assumed it was an American Goldfinch; they love sunflower hearts. The warbler returned the next day with many goldfinches, and we identified it as a Pine Warbler. When seen next to a goldfinch, the warbler is larger, with a longer bill. The warbler's tail is ...more

The Carlisle soccer program had a very successful season this year. This year the teams moved out of the Middlesex League and were able to play against teams that were more equal to Carlisle's school size. The boys had a fantastic season with a mixture of new and old players. The girls team also welcomed many new sixth graders as well as a few new eighth graders. ...more

The Carlisle cross-country team had another successful season this fall, attracting more than 60 runners from grades five through eight. Once again there was a strong turnout from the younger grades, but the veteran runners showed great leadership as they led practice stations, designed workouts, and cheered the team on during meets. Parents from Carlisle ...more

The Middle School field hockey teams had another stellar season. We were fortunate enough to be able to have two teams this year, adding strength in numbers as well as in experience. There were seven eighth graders, 11 seventh graders, and 12 sixth graders making up the teams. The varsity team (3-5-1) and the JV team (0-4-1) grew both as individual players ...more

Snow fills ...more

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