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Friday, December 16, 2005


Shorts from the Planning Board, December 12

Resignation. "No, you cannot leave," George Mansfield shouted at the start of the December Planning Board Meeting. "We just figured out how to put the accent mark over the "e" in your name for the meeting minutes." This was board administrator Mansfield's lighthearted reaction to Rich Boulé's announcement that since he was no longer a Carlisle resident, he could not remain a member and was submitting his resignation. Chair David Freedman indicated that as a result of Boulé's departure, the Greystone Crossing (Cross Street Conservation Cluster) public hearing will be reconstituted as a new hearing at the January 23 meeting. With Boulé's departure, only four of the present board members have been involved with the development since its inception — five are required. This will provide sufficient time for hearing announcements to be published in local papers.

After expressing appreciation for Boulé's service, the board voted unanimously that Brian Larson, board associate member, fill the vacancy until the next town election. Such appointment requires joint action of the Planning Board and the Board of Selectmen.

Banta-Davis recreation facilities. Allen Deary, representing the Carlisle Recreation Commission, and Recreation Director Cindy Nock of Canterbury Court presented plans for Banta-Davis Phase 2 for comment by the board. During the informal discussion of the proposed additional athletic fields, the board members were concerned about traffic flow and the number of parking spaces represented in the plan. They also expressed interest in screening for abutters and the adjacent cemetery.

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