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Friday, December 16, 2005

Red Balloon stepping back

from town tree-lighting ceremony

To the Editor:

The board of the Red Balloon Pre-school would like to thank all of the families who volunteered their time and talents to the town tree-lighting this year. Judging by the number of children present and the few crumbs remaining, it was a fun evening enjoyed by all who attended!

The Red Balloon has sponsored the tree-lighting for many years, each winter bringing the town tree to light with caroling, homemade goodies and a surprise visit from Santa Claus bearing small treats for the children. As the Red Balloon is a pre-school that welcomes children of all religious preferences, we feel that future tree- lighting ceremonies should be sponsored by a group or organization that can maintain the spirit and tradition of the event for years to come. Our board will soon contact the Board of Selectmen for guidance in finding a new sponsor for next year. We invite anyone who might be interested to contact me via e-mail in the coming weeks.

The Red Balloon thanks the Town of Carlisle for allowing us the privilege of leading this event each year, and we look forward to finding new ways in which we, as Carlisle's oldest pre-school, can contribute to our community.

Happy Holidays!

Mary-Lynne Bohn
Westford Street
President of the Board
The Red Balloon Pre-school

Parents' Connection volunteers thanked

To the Editor:

Many thanks to all who contributed to or participated in the Carlisle Parents' Connection Holiday Potluck Lunch. The kids had a wonderful time enjoying food, crafts, singing and dancing while the adults visited amidst the charming holiday ambience of the Szczesniaks' home. Special appreciation goes out to Rik Pierce of Westford Road, who once again made sure that a special visitor from the North Pole was in attendance!

Lisa Chaffin
East Street

Class of 2005 thanked for gift

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Public School would like to thank the recently graduated class of 2005 for the beautiful "Carlisle Public School" sign located on Church Street near the large parking lot. It will be a wonderful reminder of the special class of 2005. Be sure to check it out if you are driving by the school.

Stephen Goodwin, Principal
Michael Giurlando, Assistant Principal
Carlisle Public School

$4,150 donated to help seniors

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Senior Tax Advisory Committee, I would like to publicly thank the many generous residents who responded to the Aid to the Elderly and Disabled fund voucher included with the last property tax bill. At present, donations from October 12, 2005 until today have reached $4,150! Your donations will enable us to help those in need of assistance.

Susan J. Evans
Co-chair, Senior Tax Advisory Committee

CCHS Cheer Team fundraiser was successful

To the Editor:

On November 22, CCHS Friends of the Cheer Team hosted a fashion event, "A World of Fashion." Approximately 200 people were treated to the fashion show exhibiting clothing and accessories from local boutiques and stores. The show was followed by a grand reception featuring food graciously donated by local merchants as well as catered desserts and appetizers made possible by private donation. Many heartfelt thanks to all who contributed their time, service and products to "A World of Fashion." Without all of you the event could not have taken place.

The committee would especially like to thank the following local merchants who generously donated clothing and accessories to be modeled in the event: Andrews and Andrews, Concord Outfitters, Dance This Way, French Lessons, Fritz and Gigi, The Grasshopper Shop, Hidden Beauty, Jasmine Sola, Maggie Taylor, Marshalls — Bedford, Melon, Potpourri Designs and Sweet Peas. We would also like to thank Mane Escape for providing hair styling for the event and Mary Kay Cosmetics for providing make-up. In addition, we are grateful for generous donations made by the following merchants to make the reception a success: Arena Farm, Back Alley Café, Crosby's Supermarket, Concord Provisions, Concord Flower Shop, Dunkin' Donuts — Thoreau Street, Nashoba Brook Bakery, Sally Ann Food Shop, Sorrento's, Sushi House, The Toy Shop, Trader Joe's, and Verrill Farm.

You all helped make the event a success, the result of which will be much-needed mats for the CCHS Cheer Team. Thank you.

Mary Ann Gorman

Thoughts on the Police Chief search process

To the Editor:

We think it was a huge mistake to appoint two Selectmen to the Search Committee and ask them, along with the others, to search out and recommend a candidate who they felt would qualify for the position. In our eyes this is a definite conflict of interest. We believe there is no way these two Selectmen can be unbiased on their position based on what we heard last night. There are five Selectmen and it takes a majority of three to elect the candidate. We know he already has two votes, which means only one of the remaining Selectmen would have to vote for the candidate in order for him to be appointed. That is a tremendous responsibility to place on one person. Remember, his vote will literally affect thousands of people in this town for the next few years. And lastly in our humble opinion we have the best now, how can we possibly make it better?

Mary and Chic Daigle
Westford Street

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