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Friday, December 9, 2005


The following are excerpts from a letter contained in the Carlisle Historical Society collection. Fradrick Blood (born 1767) was a member of the extended Blood clan whose extensive land holdings, known as Blood's Farm, once stretched from Concord to Billerica. He married three times, had six children, and in 1816 headed west with his third wife, Mary Cummings ...more

This is the last in a series celebrating Carlisle's history during our Bicentennial year. This project was aided by the late Sarah Andreassen, who donated a large collection of Annual Reports to the newspaper, and by librarian/archivist Connie Manoli-Skokay, who supplied many old photos. Current Annual Reports are available free of charge at Town Hall, ...more

There's a controversy around the nation about the naming of traditional winter events originally scheduled to celebrate a specific Christian religious holiday. A Girl Scout troop in California protested by refusing to march in a parade when its name reverted to Christmas Parade after being called a Holiday Parade. People in Boston and New York City have been ...more

Name: The yellow-centered waxy cap is Hygrophorus flavodiscus. The genus Hygrophorus has about 200 species. The name Hygrophorous means "bearer of moisture" and flavodiscus means "yellow disc." The moisture it bears is in the form of a thick clear coat of slime on both the cap and stem. The yellow disc ...more

Last year, my older sister and her family visited us over Christmas. One of my most pleasant memories of that week was from the days following the holiday, when my seven-year-old niece, Phoebe, sang over and over again a kind of retrospective carol of her own invention: "We wished you a merry Christmas, we wished you a merry Christmas, we wished you a ...more

The Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund (the "Fund") was established in 1966 by five members of the Concord-Carlisle School Committee. The Fund is a tax-exempt charitable trust that provides needs-based scholarships to students graduating from high school and to those already in college. All grant recipients must have either resided in or attended ...more

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