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Friday, December 9, 2005


Suspicious car situation resolved

After following up on a report on Monday, December 5 by two Carlisle students involving a driver asking where the students lived, the Carlisle Police Department determined the driver was looking for a car that was for sale. After the police contacted the school, Carlisle School's Technology Specialist Cyd McCann used e-mail to immediately notify parents of the incident on Monday, and again notified parents of the follow-up to the investigation on Wednesday morning.

The students had reported that the "Hispanic" driver and passenger of the blue car, driving near Peter Hans Road and Craigie Circle, had pulled over to ask the boys where they lived. The students told their parents, who reported the incident to the Carlisle Police. On Tuesday, December 6, the police, waiting in the vicinity, were able to speak to the driver and his wife, both Boston Globe delivery drivers. They had returned to locate a car they had seen for sale, and offered apologies for the misunderstanding.

When asked about the incident, Carlisle School Principal Stephen Goodwin praised the work by the Carlisle Police Department. "The communication worked both ways," he explained, "and it worked well. We were reaching out and talking."

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