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Friday, December 2, 2005


Shorts from the RSC meeting, November 22

Video camera policy. The RSC has voted to approve a policy authorizing the use of video cameras on school property to ensure the health, welfare and safety of all students, staff and visitors, and to safeguard facilities and equipment. Cameras will be placed in locations deemed appropriate by the principal in consultation with the superintendent. Superintendent Brenda Finn said, "This is a sensitive issue. There is a theft problem at CCHS." RSC member Becky Shannon asked, "Do teachers talk about this?" Student representative Tom Schnitzer said teachers had been talking about this problem for two to three years. "The dialogue hasn't had much effect."

In the December CCHS Newsletter, Principal Art Dulong wrote of the video cameras, "without doubt some of you would support this and some may believe it is the end of liberty as we know it at CCHS....We have a theft problem at CCHS that is almost exclusively from locker rooms. I would like a set of cameras to monitor who enters and leaves the locker rooms." He added, "The other place I would place cameras is to view the vending machines in the cafeteria, as they get vandalized periodically."

Student awards. The National Council of Teachers of English, the NCTE, gave out two Achievement Awards in Writing to CCHS students. These awards are given to those showing superior performance in writing. Recipients are Sophie Buonomo and Chris Ting. The English Department is also recognized. Principal Art Dulong said, "Only one other high school has had more than one winner."

Capital projects. Director of Finance and Operations John Flaherty identified several upcoming capital needs. The transportation building behind the high school is used by Concord Public Schools and the Regional School District. "We need to address this building. It is in very bad shape. It is not acceptable. The ceiling could be replaced for $4,000 to $5,000," said Flaherty. He wants this to be discussed as part of the FY07 budget. Other items include upgrades to the fire alarm system and a two-way communication system between each classroom and the office. The intercom system could cost $350,000. "Communication is very important," said Shannon. Various improvements could cost as much as $1.6 million in total.

The RSC wants to minimize the dollars spent on the current high school building if a new school is going to be approved in the next few years. RSC Chair Pat Sinnott said, "We want to portray ourselves as responsible."

"We have an obligation to have a safe environment," added RSC member Michael Fitzgerald. Bilodeau agreed, "We need to put some money into the building to make it safe." Student Schnitzer commented, "I fully support all these [capital needs]. You have a responsibility to the students who will be there for the next seven years." The committee will continue to discuss capital needs.

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