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Friday, December 2, 2005


Planning Board considers proposed Greystone Crossing development

The proposed Greystone Crossing development with 15 homes and three common driveways off Cross Street is one of the more complex projects to be filed under the town's conservation cluster by-law, and on November 28 the Planning Board continued its public hearing with detailed discussion of drainage, catch basins, and "pocket wetlands." Deputy Fire Chief Jonathan White and board consultant Mark Sleger (of Land Tech) attended the meeting.

As presented by George Dimakarakos (representing the engineering firm of Stamski and McNary) and developer William Costello, three detention basins that were previously represented as being partially within the "conservation cluster" common areas, are now within the boundaries of the adjacent house lots with the homeowners' association having maintenance responsibility. This change relieves the Conservation Commission and Planning Board concern regarding responsibility for maintenance of these drainage features.

Cross Street resident J. A. Ford, Jr. voiced concern about the additional traffic that will result from the development and urged improvement of Cross Street. The board indicated that it has little leverage, except at the point where common driveways or subdivision roads enter an existing town road. Ford was told that general road improvements are within the purview of the Board of Selectmen.

If Greystone Crossing successfully navigates subsequent review and approval processes, it will incorporate three elements not previously seen in developments using private common driveways. The applicants have proposed: (1) For maintenance purposes the homeowners' association will require an initial $500 from the buyer at the time of sale of the lot/residence and a further $500 yearly assessment per residence; (2) There will be a mandatory inspection of the drainage features every three years by an engineer hired by the homeowners' association with follow-up maintenance if required. The engineer's report would be filed with the Conservation Commission; (3) There will be a landscaping plan for significant elements along the common driveways and particularly on visual screening at the fire cistern sites without compromising Fire Department access.

The public hearing will be continued at the December 12 meeting after technical review of the material by the Fire Department and Land Tech.

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