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Friday, November 25, 2005


March lottery planned for Laurel Hollow affordable housing

For the first time, Carlisle will hold a lottery for affordable housing units. The lottery, for two units in the Laural Hollow development on Lowell Street, is planned for March and will be administered by MCO Housing Services, a business that has specialized in such lotteries for 15 years. To learn more about MCO, see their web site at

At a recent meeting, Maureen O'Hagan, the Lottery Specialist at MCO, described the lottery process to representatives of various town groups : Carlisle Housing Authority, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and the Town Administrator. MCO will advertise the lottery in local newspapers. To obtain greater diversity among the applicants, the advertisement will also run in regional Spanish language newspapers, on various web sites, and in mailings sent to local social service and public organizations. MCO will hold a public meeting to describe the lottery and a question-and-answer fact sheet will be distributed to determine income limits. In the coming months, the full application will be published on line and applicants will be invited to respond.

Basic eligibility requirements for Laurel Hollow were described by MCO:

Eligibility Requirements

Lottery applicants must meet the allowable income limits:


Applicants must have not owned a home as a principal residence for a period of three years. There is an exception for someone who owned a home with a spouse and had to sell it recently as part of a divorce.

Applicants must have $50,000 or less in household assets.

All affordable units must be owner- occupied.


Local preference will be given for one of the two affordable units. Applicants must meet one of the following criteria for local preference: current Carlisle residents, adult children or parents of a current resident, town employees, or employees of the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee. All local applicants must provide documentation such as tax forms, rental receipts or a postmarked utility bill in order to prove local status.

Preference will be given to families with one child or appropriate household size for the two-bedroom units in both the local and at-large applicant pools.

Mortgage guidelines

Buyers of affordable units will be required to obtain a fixed rate mortgage. Non-household members may not be mortgage co-signers.

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