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Friday, November 25, 2005


Architects give first report on school

After gathering information this fall about the condition and use of buildings on the Carlisle School campus, the architects gave their first report to the School Building Committee last week.

The preliminary report by HMFH architects of Cambridge gave suggestions for solving some of the school's classroom deficits. In the short term, or within the next year, the report raises the possibility of relocating some administrative offices within the campus to help free up classroom space for students.

The report suggests expanding the Corey Building, within the next five years, out towards the parking lot to give more space for both music and physical education classes. In the longest projection, ten years from now, the plan suggests demolishing the 50-year-old- plus Spalding Building and rebuilding classrooms in a location on the campus yet to be determined.

The report also details the structural condition of all the buildings including roofs, walls and windows, and the mechanical, plumbing and electrical facilities. It also assesses the handicap-accessibility of each building.

The school emphasizes that at this stage of the planning process any building suggestions are very preliminary. The facilities' assessment, however, is immediately useful because with it the school can now plan maintenance more intelligently, says School Building Committee chair Christy Barbee. The Corey Building that houses music classes, elementary art, gymnasiums, and the cafeteria and auditorium, for example, is built on ledge and continues to settle each year. The least expensive option is to repair the cracks that occur during settling as they happen because the settling is not considered dangerous.

Voters at the May Town Meeting approved the current school master plan now in progress.

The School Building Committee has its next meeting on the master plan with HMFH architects next Wednesday, November 30 at 7 p.m. in the school library. Parents and interested residents are encouraged to attend and participate in the preliminary stages of the plan.

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