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Friday, November 25, 2005


Carlisle Town Common Questionnaire

Carlisle is a beautiful town and its Town Common should reflect that beauty. The Board of Selectman in the fall of 2004 formed the Carlisle Town Common Committee to develop and propose a plan to make our historic common on its hillside below the Unitarian Church a more attractive part of the community. To date the committee has aerated, limed, and fertilized the lawn. The committee is now soliciting ideas for further improvement. Please take a few minutes to provide your input so that a plan may be designed that reflects the interests of the entire town.

Return the completed form by cutting it out and dropping it off at Ferns Country Store or mail it to the committee secretary, Jenifer Bush, 68 Church Street, Carlisle.

Please answer the following questions. Feel free to add whatever comments you wish.

1. How often do you visit the Town Common?
[ ] Enjoy it daily as I drive by
[ ] Once a week
[ ] Once a year
[ ] Never

2. Do you attend events on the Town Common?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
If Yes, which one(s) ?

3. What changes would you like to see on the Town Common (check as many as you would like)?
[ ] A leveled area to accommodate gatherings
[ ] Shrubs, or greenery
[ ] Buried utility wires around the Common and Center
[ ] Benches
[ ] Improved lawn
[ ] Improvements to the War Memorial
[ ] More trees
[ ] Fewer trees
[ ] Nothing - I like it the way it is
[ ] Other

4. To fund improvements in the Town Center would you be willing to (check as many as you would like):
[ ] Utilize Community Preservation Act Funds
[ ] Personally contribute to a Town Beautification Fund
[ ] A small surcharge on monthly utility bills (for wire burial)
[ ] Other

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