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Friday, November 18, 2005


After working in the Stoneham and Winthrop Schools, Dennis Dockman joined the Carlisle School as the Food Service Manager in September. "This place is paradise compared to the places I have been," said Dockman, who replaced retired Food Service Manager Joyce Lagadinos. He has been in the food service industry for more than 15 years, he explained, ...more

Two turkeys stood before my door, decently plumed, respectful and alert. One carried pamphlets, another a clip board with what looked like a petition. ...more

Years ago I used to think that Thanksgiving dinner needed an imaginative twist. I would clip and try recipes for stuffing that added homemade breads, cranberries, figs, prunes, pecans, sausage, ham, oysters, or exotic crunchy ingredients. My family called the results "interesting," but let me know that at Thanksgiving they craved the flavors and ...more

Name: The yellow-stalked Mycena is Mycena epipterygia. There are hundreds of different Mycenas and it is very difficult to identify most of them. David Arora in Mushrooms Demystified refers to them collectively as YAMs — Yet Another Mycena. The yellow-stalked Mycena is one of the more distinctive ones. The species name, epipterygia, ...more

One hundred years ago, American Chestnut trees ten feet in diameter and one hundred feet in height were common in the Massachusetts landscape. From Maine to Georgia, ecosystems depended on plentiful chestnuts to maintain populations of turkey, ruffled grouse, black bear, and other species. Many people relied on this hard, fast-growing, rot-resistant tree for ...more

What ever happened to manners? Words like "please, thank you, or excuse me" seem to have vanished from our vocabulary. Manners, politeness, respect, all seem to be some of the tools needed in life. In my opinion, you receive what you give. If a person isn't taught these skills and how to use them, how can he or she expect to be taken seriously, and ...more

Walking through the woods after school this fall, leaves rustle in the wind, water in a brook rushes over the rocks and cool air refreshes. But the woods are empty on most afternoons. "Eight, nine, and ten year-olds used to wander to ball fields, wander into the woods," says George Scarlett, Carlisle resident and author of Children's Play. ...more

They have all contributed to our community, and they all appear in the new book, Carlisle, As The Mosquito Saw It: A History of Our Town Through Newspaper Excerpts. The book will be available starting November 25. For more information, see the ad and order form on page 3. ...more

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