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Friday, November 18, 2005


Shorts from the Board of Health, October 25 and November 8

A flu clinic for senior citizens is planned for December 2.

Farming. Jeff Toscano appeared to advocate for the creation of an Agriculture Commission. A "right to farm" bylaw to be presented at Town Meeting would provide protections for farmers and abutters. The BOH agreed to support the initiative but will vote later on the specific article.

One River Road. Drew Garvin, engineer for R. Wilson Assoc. and Chip Orcutt, owner, presented plans to replace two failed septic systems and asked for a waiver of the requirement for a garbage grinder allowance. Abutter Dana Booth expressed concerns that a required retaining wall will be close to and visible over his stone wall. In addition, several mature trees need to be protected. The BOH granted the waiver with a requirement of screening, avoidance of mature trees, and a deed restriction. Information on the number of tenants was provided to satisfy the board. There is no requirement for a public water supply.

268 Fiske Street. John Ballantine had previously requested a waiver of the setback requirement for installing a new septic tank near wetlands. The BOH had held fast to their policy of no waivers on new construction and suggested a grinder be installed to process solids before they enter the tank. The designer of the system, Joe March, opposed this solution as overly complicated. As new Title 5 regulations are due in January, the board decided to revisit the plan once those regulations are in place.

Water shortages on Stearns Street were discussed with a number of abutters to Malcolm Meadows and the future Coventry Woods 40B development in attendance. Concerns were raised that denser development is impacting water supplies. The results of a temporary water ban on Stearns Street were inconclusive due to the change of seasons. As the water shortage was no longer evident and there was no data available to pinpoint the source of the problem, the BOH took no action but asked that homeowners report any future problems.

1380 Curve Street. George DiMakarakos of Stamski and McNary asked for a waiver to install a leach field 89 feet from wetlands, rather than the 100 feet required. The field would replace an existing one that is 75 feet from wetlands. Abutter Robert Pauplis reviewed the plan and confirmed there was adequate distance from his well. A waiver was granted subject to ConsCom approval.

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