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Friday, November 18, 2005


Shorts from the Planning Board, November 14

Scenic Road Hearing (Concord Street). The Planning Board almost slipped into a Zen-like moment at a Scenic Road Hearing on November 14 when William Ho (817 Concord Street) requested permission to remove a 16-foot section of a "scenic stonewall" that could not be seen from the scenic roadway. The moment passed — unseen stonewalls along scenic roadways are within the purview of the Planning Board. With a short video, photos and sketches, Ho presented his case for removal of the stones and four 6- to 8-inch diameter trees in order to affect a new, safer driveway entrance for his residence. The board was persuaded and granted his request. Board Chair David Freedman emphasized the fact that the board's action was necessary to facilitate a new driveway but that Ho should contact the town Building Inspector to determine what further authorization was needed to actually make the new "curb-cut."

Carriage Way Subdivision. At the request of William Costello the board granted an extension of time for completion of the Definitive Subdivision Plan to August 31, 2006.

Coventry Woods (Concord Street) Chapter 40B Application. The board continued to struggle with the question of how to respond to the Board of Appeals' informal request for comment on the 40B application. Member Michael Epstein, an abutter to the proposed development, recused himself during the deliberations. The long (approximately 2,000-feet long) dead-end roadway to serve 54 residences was discussed, as was the strain on water supply due to that many residences on approximately ten acres. Member Ray Bahr asked, "How do you guarantee that water supply is at pre-development level? Water is not a thing that money can solve." Consensus was that Coventry Woods is like a subdivision that would typically take months of Planning Board involvement working with the developer.

ANR Plans (Approval Not Required). A plan was reviewed and signed for three lots on Koning Farm Road with Robert Koning as applicant.

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