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Friday, November 18, 2005



What ever happened to manners? Words like "please, thank you, or excuse me" seem to have vanished from our vocabulary. Manners, politeness, respect, all seem to be some of the tools needed in life. In my opinion, you receive what you give. If a person isn't taught these skills and how to use them, how can he or she expect to be taken seriously, and treated in a like manner?

I realize that people no longer leap to their feet whenever a gray hair is spotted entering a room. But it is still considered acceptable and even courteous to at least look up from your cell phone or i-pod, and acknowledge any person entering your presence.

And speaking of cell phones Talk about rudeness or lack of consideration of other people, why do we have to listen to one side of someone's personal and loud conversation? I don't care and don't want to know that someone is at the store now and has "got the milk." Don't these things have an "off" button?

What's wrong with learning a few table manners? Sometimes I am so shocked by how people actually eat in public that I am afraid to think about how they eat in private. We do have knives, forks and spoons, even plates, as well as napkins and tablecloths, what ever happened to using them? Sometimes I think that if that man or boy actually took off his hat in a restaurant, he might use it as a napkin or maybe a bowl.

Using poor or incorrect English displays ignorance of the language or maybe a desire to try to use street language, but its not going to help a person to get a job. And foul language shows a complete lack of manners, and perhaps a lack of knowledge of just what those words really mean.

What about dress? I don't recommend a dress code, but a little modesty goes a long way. I don't want to look at your belly button piercing. I don't think that slightly chubby people should wear these low-cut pants that show their "muffin tops" off to the world. If we required people to wear ragged, revealing clothes, with weird or satanic symbols on them, it would be called degrading and not acceptable. Well?

People learn to read and write, some also learn to turn the air blue at every turn, play complicated hi-fis at ear-damaging volume, drive on our streets and highways like they are on a race track and think it's terrible if someone complains. Why can't we learn to respect other people and treat them as we would like to be treated?

I don't think we are doing our young people any favors when we don't give them some of the interpersonal skills that are so useful in life.

2005 The Carlisle Mosquito