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Friday, November 11, 2005


I must admit that I'm not the one in the family who takes our trash to the dump. Oops, I really mean "transfer station," but "dump" just rolls off the tongue. It is my husband who buys the dump sticker every year, places it on the front fender of his car, and visits the dump once or twice every fortnight. ...more

On the hottest Saturday of the summer, stalwarts completed the basic framing and closing in of the new swap shed at the transfer station. In the oppressive, 95-degree environment, sweat equity took on new meaning ...more


[Population - 3,306]

Jury Duty: The list of jurors is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen, but is now prepared by the new Office of the Jury Commissioner in Cambridge from the annual list of residents. The new system, in effect January 1, 1979, provides few exemptions from service but requires only a day or two of a juror's time. Jurors are ...more

Riddle: I know, I usually start with the name of the species but this week a riddle seemed appropriate. Why is a junco like a rhododendron? It has nothing to do with the fact that gardeners fondly refer to rhododendrons as rhodies. Birders do not refer to juncos as junkies. Both juncos and rhododendrons survive the winter in Carlisle but the rhodies ...more

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