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Friday, November 11, 2005


Selectmen codify policy on municipal flags

Until now, Carlisle has had no written policy with respect to flying the town flags at half-mast. To remedy the situation, Chair Doug Stevenson of the Board of Selectmen created a Municipal Flag Policy, which was accepted as written by a unanimous vote of the Selectmen at their November 8 meeting. The policy encompasses all municipal American flags on town property, including the Town Hall, Police and Fire stations, Library, DPW, schools and on the Town Common.

Standard flag protocol says that all American flags shall be flown only during daylight hours, unless properly lit. They shall be flown on all federal and state holidays and never during inclement weather. The American flag shall be flown at full mast except under the following conditions when it will be lowered to half-staff:

• When so ordered by the federal government or president of the United States.

• When so ordered by the state government or the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

• When so ordered by the Carlisle Board of Selectmen or its chairman.

Circumstances that might prompt such an order by the Board of Selectmen would be the death of any in-service or retired military personnel with principle residence in the Town of Carlisle, or the death of any active or former Carlisle municipal official. When the American flag is flown at half-staff after the death of an individual, it shall remain at half-staff from the time of death until the time of burial, unless otherwise indicated.

Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie will inform appropriate departments and individuals of the need to fly the American flag at half-staff, and will also notify the local newspaper (Mosquito) of the reason for the flag being flown at half-staff. Chair Stevenson also urged townspeople to notify McKenzie if they become aware of a circumstance that warrants lowering the town flags to half-staff.

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