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Friday, November 11, 2005


State approves Carlisle's Housing Plan

Jane Wallis Gumble, director of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), has informed Doug Stevenson, Chair of the Board of Selectmen, that they have reviewed and approved the Affordable Housing Plan for the Town of Carlisle. This allows the town to request a DHCD certificate of compliance whenever Carlisle meets the yearly production goal of 12 or more units of affordable housing. With the certificate of compliance, Carlisle would have a one-year reprieve from 40B comprehensive permit projects.

The Affordable Housing Plan outlines ways the town can meet its housing goals over the next ten years. It was prepared by a task force chaired by David Freedman, and was assisted by housing consultant Karen Sunnarborg.

When asked what comes next, Stevenson succinctly replied, "Compliance."

The state requires a minimum of 10% of the housing in every city and town must be affordable. The housing must be restricted to lower-income households which earn no more than 80% of the area median income. In the metro-west area, 80% of median income is about $68,000.

In those areas which do not meet the 10% requirement, the state's statute Chapter 40B permits developers to build higher density housing than that allowed under local zoning bylaws, if at least 25% of those units have long-term affordability restrictions.

Carlisle is vulnerable to 40B developments because only 1.09% of the town's housing is currently affordable. If the 10% threshold is reached and maintained, a town has permanent protection from 40B. The production goal to earn temporary protection from 40B is the creation of affordable housing units equal to three-quarters of one percent of the total housing in the town.

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