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Friday, November 11, 2005

Farmer's Market flourished in its first year

To the Editor:

First, we would like to say thank you to Mike Kimball and his family for allowing the first Carlisle Farmer's Market to reside at Kimball's Ice Cream parking area. Also, Dick, your wonderful smile, early morning encouragement and area prep work helped immensely towards making this dream a reality!

Second, for all of the vendors who joined us this year, rain or shine, a huge round of applause. The quality, variety of produce and craft were of the highest quality and creativity. Thank you!

Last, but certainly not least, we would also like to thank our patrons. The eager enthusiasm and willingness to "sample" the myriad of vegetables, fruits, cheese, fresh baked goods and artistic items created a successful season. With your gracious support, the Farmer's Market flourished beyond all expectations.

Looking forward to continuing this new endeavor, we'll see you in 2006!

Gale Constable, Lowell Street
Annette Lee, Lowell Street
Carlisle Farmer's Market

Land Stewardship Committee needs volunteers

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Conservation Commission is looking for a few special, conservation-minded citizens to help them manage the Town's 1,000+ acres of conservation land. This effort will be directed by the new Land Stewardship Committee (LSC) which will work as a sub-committee to ConsCom. Five to seven members are needed for the LSC.

Although a substantial amount of the LSC's work will involve the preparation of management plans for, and maintenance and oversight of, the 29 conservation parcels the town owns (or holds conservation restriction on), there is a real need for this new committee to have a variety of skills and interests. Beyond conservation land management, ConsCom would — for example — welcome LSC members with interests in wildlife ecology, forestry, environmental education (especially for youth), and preservation of agricultural lands, cultural landscapes and rural vistas. Even if you only wanted to watch over your favorite conservation parcel, or expand the trail system currently available to walkers and horseback riders, then the LSC is a place to make a difference. Also welcome are those with narrower interests such as: expanding the stock of low-income housing for bluebirds to Fox Hill (several single-family units exist on Towle field); or the eradication of Japanese knotweed and other invaders.

If you are interested in joining the LSC, or have any questions about it, contact Sylvia Willard, Carlisle's Conservation Administrator (1-978-369-0336).

Warren Lyman
Cross Street
Chair of the Land Stewardship Planning Committee

Town Center resident thanks those who donated Halloween candy

To the Editor:

Halloween this year was a wonderful warm night and I don't remember ever seeing so many people! Everyone was so polite and seemed to be having such a good time.

Again, many thanks to the generous people who contributed to the candy collection for Halloween.

The center was alive with trick-or-treaters, parents, grandparents and friends, all under the watchful eye of our Carlisle Police Department.

Barbara Culkins
Bedford Road

Teacher thanks CSA

To the Editor:

I am writing to you as a new teacher to the Carlisle Public School system. I would first like to express my gratitude for the tremendous amount of support I have received by the staff, parents and entire Carlisle community. It is truly a great honor to work in such an amazing, supportive, close-knit school system.

I would also like to give recognition and thanks to the Carlisle School Association (CSA). A recent donation of books was made by the CSA to our second-grade classroom. We have already found some classroom treasures and new favorites! We truly appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Rickie McCrea
Second-grade teacher
Carlisle Public School

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