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Friday, November 11, 2005


Paging through Carlisle's Annual Reports 1980 - 1989

[Population - 3,306]

Jury Duty: The list of jurors is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen, but is now prepared by the new Office of the Jury Commissioner in Cambridge from the annual list of residents. The new system, in effect January 1, 1979, provides few exemptions from service but requires only a day or two of a juror's time. Jurors are randomly selected by computer and receive notice directly from the Clerk of Courts. The current list is on file in the Town Clerk's Office for inspection. - Eleanor S. Cochran, Town Clerk

Board of Health: The problem of gasoline contamination in several Center wells continues to be monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency Laboratory in Lexington.

Annual Town Meeting, April 1: Article 24...It was voted that the Town accept the report of the Elderly Housing Study Committee and approve the Carlisle Elderly Housing Association, Inc. as the Carlisle agency to construct and manage housing for the elderly.


Board of Health: In Carlisle the Selectmen have always acted as the Board of Health, with one member designated as Chairman. 1981 will be the last year that this will be so. At a Special Town Meeting on September 21, 1981, the voters supported the recommendation of the Selectmen and authorized the establishment of a separate elected Board of Health.

Superintendent of Regional Schools: 1981 was marked by continued modest decline in student enrollment at the high school and difficult budgetary decisions which result in staff cutbacks, reduction of resources and funds in many areas


Board of Selectmen: 1982 was Carlisle's first full year of operation under Proposition 2 1/2, and much of our effort was spent dealing with that law, which limits the growth of our property tax revenues to a rate far below the rate of inflation...

Board of Health: Statistics for January 1, 1982 - December 31, 1982:

7 dog bites
1 venereal disease
2 cases Salmonella poisoning
2 home births
1 Tylenol recall

Carlisle Elderly Housing Association: In 1982 all the work of the last four years came together and by year's end the 18 one-bedroom units [at Carlisle Village Court on Church Street] were complete with tenants, furniture and Christmas wreaths.


Board of Selectmen: The Annual Town Meeting authorized construction of a new fire station to replace the present 50-year-old building; we look forward to groundbreaking in the spring of 1984

The small shared office in the Town Hall for both the Police and Communications Departments became intolerably overcrowded during 1983, and the Police Department moved into a rented trailer behind the building

Police Department: The Police Department, in conjunction with the Carlisle School Association, conducted its first fingerprinting program. In paralleling a national effort, the Police fingerprinted 200 children. These fingerprints, kept by parents, would be used to help identify youngsters in the event they become missing.

Police Chief David Galvin takes prints from Cub Scout Mike Leonard during a Fingerprinting Clinic sponsored by the Carlisle School Association. (Photo by Tim Morse)

The Carlisle Police Santa Program has just completed another successful year. Over the past five years Santa has visited over 1,100 Carlisle children. I wish to extend my gratitude and appreciation to those members of the department who have given their time and effort to making Christmas in Carlisle something special. - David T. Galvin, Police Chief


Senators in Congress: Edward M. Kennedy (D), John F. Kerry (D)

Dog Officer:

Reported Dog Bites - 6
Abandoned or Lost Dogs Impounded by Dog Officer - 12
Returned to Owners - 9
Found New Home - 3
Missing Dog Reports Recorded - 77
Responses to Animal Complaints - 40

Thanks go to the D.P.W., Communications Dept. and the Carlisle Police for their support. - Robert A. Dennison, Carlisle Dog Officer

Carlisle School Committee: During the past ten years, while the population of the town has increased, the student population attending the Carlisle Schools has decreased from a maximum of 618 students to a minimum last year of 438.

Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School District: A Minuteman Tech student majoring in a non-tradtional field made history in 1984. Welding major Lana Svetlichny of Carlisle topped an all-male field to become the first woman to win the first place gold medal in the high school welding competition sponsored by the Mass. Vocational Industrial Clubs of America


Carlisle Trails Committee: The Carlisle Trails Committee was appointed by the Selectmen in July 1985. We meet for a planning session on a monthly basis, and usually plan a weekly walk to explore trails/footpaths throughout Carlisle.

Carlisle Arts Council: The Town of Carlisle receives $1,000 from the Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council each year from the sale of "Megabucks" tickets. The Carlisle Arts Council distributes these funds with the approval of the Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council.

For the January 1985 to July cycle, $250 was given to the Carlisle Mosquito for newspaper enrichment, graphics, and to help sponsor a contest for poetry or art work. The Carlisle School Association received $250 for the Carlisle Spring Festival, held in the Carlisle Public School.


Drawing by Phillis Hughes
Conservation Commission: On December 19, 1986 the town officially took possession of the Cranberry Bog off Curve Street in North Carlisle....The commission plans to continue harvesting the 40-acre cranberry crop by a license arrangement with a private grower. The remainder of the parcel's 110-acres are now open to the public for kiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and all forms of non-motorized passive recreation.

Carlisle Youth Commission: completed its second successful year of conducting Friday Nite Live! Sessions for sixth, seventh and eigth grade students at the Carlisle Junior High. This program is usually held ten times per school yearand includes activies such as volleyball, ping pong, movies, dancing with a student DJ In late spring the Youth Commission took a group of thirty by bus for a one-day trip to Cape Cod.Students went hiking, swimming, had a sand castle building contest, and did a lot of eating!...

Mark Duffy with one of his Holstein calves. (Photo by Lois d'Annunzio)


• State Park Advisory Committee: In July, 13 years after Great Brook Farm was purchased by the State and after many years of planning and searching, the interpretive farm was put into operation. Mark and Tamma Duffy arrived with their baby and 40+ head of Holstein cows to begin producing milk, growing feed, and raising calves

Cable TV Committee: Although Carlisle still didn't have cable TV installed more than 12 months after the contract was signed with a Nashoba Cable, the Cable TV Committee has worked very hard to get the system construction started

Carlisle Council on Aging: 1987 - 1988 has been a landmark year for the Carlisle Council on AgingTwo significant events mark the year: first, the establishment of the COA-phone. The second significant achievement of the year is the person at the other end of the COA-phone. Lee Milliken, an Outreach Coordinator, is the Town's first professional service provider for seniors...hired forsix hours a week.


Report of the School Superintendent / Principal: The many years of hard and sometimes frustrating work which went into planning and living through the renovation and expansion of our campus all seemed worthwhile this year as we moved into our spacious and beautiful new facility.With hot lunches again prepared in our new kitchen, the completed Corey Building in full use, and the full complement of furnishings in place, this was for the first time in several years a smooth and uneventful opening of school. With the completion of our new classroom space we no longer are using the Highland Building, though the School Committee has decided to retain ownership of the building in case classroom space is needed at some point in the future.

Carlisle School's Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds David Flannery and Castle coordinator Darlene Robertson (both in the foreground) finally take a break, after five days of intense community effort building the Castle playground in 1988. (Photo by Glenn Callahan)

In addition to our building project, the school and the community were the very fortunate recipients of a major surprise this year — Carlisle Castle. This remarkable playground, designed by Robert Leathers and constructed by community volunteers with the help of Army Engineers and Navy Seabees over a five-day period, captured the community's imagination and energy and left us with a magnificent recreational facility. While literally hundreds of people collaborated to make this project happen, special appreciation goes to Darlene Robertson who was the driving force behind the project from its inception.Mathew King, Superintendent/Principal


Board of Selectmen: The Town's office space needs became a crisis situation early last year . The renovating of Highland School, to accommodate the Town Offices, was reviewed by the Town Building Committee but the associated cost, even for a short-term solution, made the project prohibitive. The space situation was temporarily resolved by the School Committee's offer of the use of a vacant classroom at the Spalding School building.

In the summer of 1989 the Board of Selectmen appointed a Household Waste Committee.Not only have the committee's recycling recommendations been presented to the Board, but many are already implemented by the Department of Public Works. The Town is financially, as well as environmentally, benefiting from the committee's accomplishments.

Gleason Public Library: .Our fifth annual Great Pumpkin Display and Contest drew many entrants..

Number of volumes, December 31, 1989 - 29,699

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