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Friday, November 4, 2005


When Hal Sauer was named Carlisle's Most Honored Citizen at Old Home Day in 1996, his nomination for the award included these accolades by his fellow townspeople: "He is always a gentleman; he is always courteous; he always listens; he respects the other person's point of view; and he gets things done harmoniously." ...more

Catherine Evans and Dianne Pappas have diverse backgrounds, yet the two artists have discovered points of connections as individuals and through the visual compatibility of their work. They have a shared interest in the mundane bar code: Evans uses bar code labels literally in one of her pieces, and Pappas applies them more figuratively in a portrait series. ...more

Name: The scientific name for the walkingstick is Diapheromera femorata. It is a member of the order Phasmida which includes around 2,700 species of stick insects, most of which are tropical or subtropical. This one is sometimes called the northern walkingstick or common walkingstick. Its shape has led to a lot of other common names ...more

Tracy McArdle lives on Sunset Road with her husband, a dog, some horses, and a very affectionate cat named Little. Little is actually rather large, but she has grown and prospered since she was a kitten McArdle found outside. Another active part of the household is a computer that chugs along nearly audibly, because McArdle has found an avocation as a writer. ...more

In the past six months the Carlisle Historical Society has received two collections of materials from the Wilson family, donated by Mary (Wilson) Gillespie, Sarah Andreassen's sister. Mary grew up in Carlisle, but has lived and taught for many years in Lexington. The Wilson family papers provide an example of the types of materials an archives receives, while ...more

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