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Friday, November 4, 2005


ConsCom Shorts for October 27

1 River Road. At a twice-continued hearing, developer H. LaRue Renfroe's Notice of Intent to install a well, upgrade a septic system and replace a paved parking area was okayed. Final approval followed Board of Health acceptance of the septic facility and submission of a plan for pavement maintenance and installation of a dumpster.

Tanglewood Way. Learning that an original Notice of Intent that encumbered all individual property owners in Great Brook Estates had been allowed to lapse by the original developer Ira Gould, homeowner Peter Curlin alerted the commission to the fact that Gould presently holds a single lot in said development and wishes to sell it. Fortunately, Planning Board member Louise Hara was present in the audience to assure Curlin that her board has already dispatched an engineer to estimate the cost of completing the required work, adding, "We will not release that last lot for sale until the job is complete."

Carriage Way. In a second case of an Order of Conditions being allowed to lapse, developer William Costello filed a "continued" Notice of Intent. According to engineer George Dimakarakos, this action will permit completion of work on the one remaining lot at the end of Carriage Way. The renewed NOI was approved.

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