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Friday, November 4, 2005


Shorts from the Planning Board, October 24

Greystone Crossing (Cross Street conservation cluster). The Greystone Crossing public hearing was continued with detailed discussion of drainage, catch basins, and "pocket wetlands." As presented by George Dimakarakos (Stamski and McNary) and William Costello, five pocket wetlands are to be constructed and planted as part of the drainage design. The emphasis is that the "pocket wetlands" will not just be grassed retention or detention basins but will be populated with wetland plants. The board asked the rhetorical question of whether it were appropriate for the common area in a conservation cluster to be used as an appurtenance to the development drainage design. Three of the five are partially within the conservation cluster "common areas." In considering the question Board chair David Freedman said, "It is the board's responsibility (in reviewing the design) to make a finding that the values of the open space support the conservation cluster." A more tractable question was raised by the Board, specifically maintenance responsibilities for the catch basins and the retention areas. Costello stated that it was the responsibility of the owners' association and trust. A single association and trust is being proposed. The public hearing will be continued at the November 28 meeting.

Coventry Woods (Concord Street) Chapter 40B application. The board reviewed an application that is before the Zoning Board of Appeals for "56 age-restricted, condominium units of attached housing" on Concord Street (northeasterly of 515 Concord Street). Fourteen of the 56 units will be designated as affordable housing. Board member Michael Epstein announced that he is an abutter to the proposed project. Consensus was that this fact should not restrict his participation in the discussion. Freedman emphasized that the ZBA has recognized that many of the issues regarding the project are beyond its areas of expertise and that the ZBA has requested Planning Board input. Freedman and Planning Board Administrator George Mansfield stated that there does not appear to be enough detail in the submission relative to the sort of information of interest to the Planning Board. Board members agreed to review what limited material is available at the town offices and to continue the discussion at its November 14 meeting.

ANR Plans (Approval Not Required). Plans were reviewed and signed for 546 Westford Street with Hal Sauer as applicant, and for 100 Long Ridge Road with Jeffrey and Lisa Brem as applicants.

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