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Friday, October 28, 2005


Halloween has often taken a real pasting for being a holiday that celebrates greed, Satanism, and the wholesale rotting of children's teeth. I think we have lost sight of Halloween as the valuable experience it can be. In a town whose annual Halloween tradition begins with the Great Pumpkin Spectacle, we have no excuse for that: I say, bring back great Halloweens! ...more

Is it really late October already? I've been using the warm weather as an excuse not to notice, but there's no avoiding reality. We've reached the season of stress, insecurity, doubt, procrastination, and sewing anxiety. ...more

There are many fungi whose names lend themselves to the theme of Halloween. In past years we have featured Dead Man's Fingers, Witches Broom, and Wolf's Milk Slime. This year it's time for the Jack-o-Lantern or Omphalotus olearius. ...more

Carlisle residents celebrated archaeology month in October by listening to speakers, attending a walk, and considering the past lives of local Native American people. The Gleason Library and the Carlisle Historical Society jointly hosted a presentation on Native American ceremonial sites, featuring three speakers, on October 17. South Street resident Tim Fohl, ...more

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