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Friday, October 28, 2005


Buckets of rain

Robert Pettipaw and David Dawson have a music lesson in a music room filled with buckets and drips from the leaking school roof. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)
The Nor'easter this week set a record for the number of rain buckets in the elementary music room eight, according to Music Director Tom O'Halloran, and classes had to move out for the day. Roofing contractors at the school on Tuesday found wind-driven rain went through the brick face wall, traveling down the wall and onto the roof causing the leaks. Problems with the roof's flashing were found during the storm, also waterproofing material may need to be applied to the bricks, according to Building and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery. The maintenance staff went to work to clean up after the storm and the music room re-opened Wednesday.

Also in the Corey building, rain got through an air duct and through the ductwork into the gymnasium where a bucket was set up. Another leak over the school library office was due to a roof seal that had deteriorated, but the problem was caught quickly and no contents were damaged. Superintendent Marie Doyle said a full structural analysis of all the buildings is now in progress as part of the Master Plan study approved by voters.

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