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Friday, October 28, 2005

MORE THAN A BAD HAIR DAY. Ghouls and ghosts are all over town as Halloween approaches. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)
Halloween has often taken a real pasting for being a holiday that celebrates greed, Satanism, and the wholesale rotting of children's teeth. I think we have lost sight of Halloween as the valuable experience it can be. In a town whose annual Halloween tradition begins with the Great Pumpkin Spectacle, we have no excuse for that: I say, bring back great Halloweens! ...more

The Concord Carlisle Community Swim and Fitness Center is well on its way to becoming the premier hangout in town. The Concord Recreation Department is working very hard to have a variety of programs ready to roll upon its opening, currently scheduled for February. The center has four pools, a 25-yard by 25-meter lap pool, a 14-foot deep diving pool, a warm ...more

A town that is growing older could see 150 to 200 fewer students at the Carlisle School five to ten years from now. But if the town's new affordable housing plan is put into play, and more existing homes turn over to younger buyers, the school could stay within 5% of its present 815 students over the next decade. ...more

Reassessing MCAS:
What have we learned? What have we gained? What have we given up?

In 2000, after two rounds of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, or MCAS exams, over 80% of teachers in the Concord schools and at Concord-Carlisle High School signed a petition opposing the controversial tests, which tenth graders must pass in order to receive high school diplomas. ...more

Last week Carlisle received a check from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) for $270,723, matching dollar-for-dollar money raised locally during FY05 under the Community Preservation Act (CPA) real-estate tax surcharge. The prospect of matching funds was an attraction for many when Carlisle voters adopted the 2% surcharge in 2001. To date we have ...more

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