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Friday, October 14, 2005


After graduating from high school a year ago, Emily Rolando chose to take Robert Frost's "road less traveled" and, in the words of the great poet, "that has made all the difference." Rolando, a resident of Garnet Rock Lane, left on September 3 and hiked the 270 miles of the Long Trail, solo, over 25 days. The Long Trail represents the oldest ...more

On a warm, brilliant September day, I visited hell on earth. This was Auschwitz, the enormous concentration camp/labor camp/extermination camp in Poland, built by the Nazis during World War II to carry out Hitler's Final Solution. It became a symbol of the Holocaust, a place where an estimated 1.2 million Jews, Gypsies (now called Roma), homosexuals, dissidents ...more

Name: Pokeweed, or simply Poke as it is often called, is Phytolacca americana. The name Poke is derived from the Algonquin Indian word "pakon" or "puccoon," which refers to plants used for dye. Pokeweed has several other common or local names including Common Pokeberry, Garget, Pigeonberry, Inkberry, Scoke, Red weed, and ...more

This summer I went to Tehran, Iran with my dad to visit our relatives. It had been 28 years since Dad had left Iran for boarding school in Wales. He last went back to visit in 1977 just before the revolution which overthrew the Shah and brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power. Because most of Dad's family still live in Iran, this was the first time I had ever ...more

The Mosquito Dines Out:
Hellenic Oven and Grill
170 Concord Road, Chelmsford

Convenient, casual and in Chelmsford, near the Carlisle line, what a good combination for a Greek restaurant and pizza place named the Hellenic Oven and Grill. ...more

The mushroom walk at the Towle Land planned for last Saturday was cancelled because of the rain but there are lots of mushrooms now. Here are some of the things to look at to help you identify cap-and-stem mushrooms. ...more

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