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Friday, October 14, 2005


Shorts for the Board of Health, Oct. 4

• 142 Bedford Road. The septic system replacement for a three-bedroom residence was approved, with waivers granted. The board approved a distance from the septic system to wetlands of 51 feet rather than the 100 feet required. The distance from the wetlands to the septic tank was approved at 61 feet subject to Conservation Commission approval.

One River Road. Drew Garvin (Wilson and Associates) presented preliminary plans for repair of the septic system at One River Road. Noting several deficiencies and several possible improvements in the details the board decided to continue its review at the next meeting. The board encouraged the engineer to consider "alternative technologies" before resubmitting.

979 Concord Street. A waiver was granted to delete the garbage grinder allowance in septic system size provided that a deed restriction is undertaken to preclude use of a garbage grinder at the residence.

6 Westford Street. Several waivers were granted to allow the owners, Hartwright Partners, to repair the failed septic system. Included were the garbage grinder allowance (requires deed restriction) as well as setback of leach field to foundation, wetlands and abutter's well. Given that the design is a "pressure dosage" system, the board also approved six inches of stone below trenches (twelve inches required). Such a system periodically distributes the leachate uniformly over the entire leach field.

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