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Friday, October 14, 2005


BOH restricts outdoor watering on Stearns Street

"Private well water in use." We have all seen that disclaimer as lawn irrigation systems are running even during drought conditions. But is it private well water or is the water a community resource for a town like Carlisle? The question was raised at the October 4 meeting of the Board of Health after Stearns Street residents Deborah and Stephen Webster described water supply problems that they have experienced for the last several years. Deborah Webster said, "Our problems arose when the irrigation system went in at Malcolm Meadows. Can we prove that irrigation at Malcolm Meadows is responsible? No, we cannot but we are going by past history." The Websters stated that they experience periods as long as eight hours without water, usually starting near Labor Day and ending at the end of October.

Roy Green, chairman of the residents association, accompanied by three trustees and the secretary of the association, described in detail the water management at Malcolm Meadows. He said, "We do not believe we are the sole cause of the problem." Further, he stated that there are many new houses in the area with sprinkler systems.

Noting that the Websters' problem constitutes a "public health emergency" the board voted to impose a ban on outdoor watering at Stearns Street residences for the duration of October. Residents will be notified of the ban. Further, the board will hold a public hearing on the topic and will invite Stearns Street residents to attend the next BOH meeting on Tuesday, October 25, in order to determine whether others are experiencing similar problems.

Water Ban
The Board of Health has instituted a ban on outdoor watering in the area of Stearns Street for the month of October due to a public health emergency (see article above.) No lawn watering, car washing, pool filling or outside water use is allowed. The only exception is watering vegetable gardens. Further information may be obtained by calling the Board of Health office at 1-978-369-0283

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