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Friday, October 14, 2005

C.C. Pools receives challange grant

To the Editor:

We have some great news about the pool. An anonymous donor has issued a $1 million challenge to C.C. Pools, the non-profit organization building the Concord Carlisle Community Swim and Health Center, set to open its doors in just three months. The Center is being built with private donations and will be available to everyone in Carlisle and Concord. We are immensely grateful to this donor for the significant matching challenge grant which will help us close the gap between the cost of the facility and the funds raised so far.

The terms of the challenge are simple. The end date is December 31, 2005. All gifts and pledges are eligible for matching funds up to $1,000,000, and they are tax-deductible.

Now is the time for all the citizens of our towns to join in the final effort to finance this wonderful project. Every dollar you give is worth two. What better way to contribute to the health and well-being of present and future generations?

Pete Funkhouser
President, C.C. Pools, Inc.

Library hosts talk on Native American archaeology

To the Editor:

Carlisle contains quite a large number of Indian ceremonial areas. The ones that we know of are characterized by certain types of stone structures. Some of these are in the form of effigies, some are linear stone rows and some are simply piles of stones. Many of these are aligned with the rising and setting sun at the solstices or equinoxes.

On Monday, October 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Gleason Library, Curtiss Hoffman, Doug Harris and I will give a talk about these sites. Dr. Hoffman is chairman of the Department of Anthropology at Bridgewater State College. He has written numerous papers and several books on the archaeology of the Indian cultures of New England. Most recently he has been researching ceremonial areas in a number of New England locations including Carlisle. Mr. Harris is the Deputy Tribal Preservation Officer of the Narragansett Tribe. He has studied Indian ceremonial sites throughout the Eastern United States.

Dr. Hoffman will discuss the archaeological aspects of the ceremonial sites and Mr. Harris will discuss them from the contemporary Indian point of view. I will describe some features of sites in Carlisle in the hope that people will be able to recognize them. I will also describe some long range solsticial alignments that connect Carlisle with sites many miles away.

As part of this program, I will also lead a tour of a ceremonial site on the Conant Land on Saturday, October 22. We will meet at the Town Hall parking lot at 2:00, rain or shine. This site contains a number of interesting features including a striking turtle effigy.

We hope that these events will help people to understand the Indian ceremonial heritage that Carlisle and surrounding towns possess.

Tim Fohl
South Street

In support of same-sex marriage

To the Editor:

The two articles in the September 30 Mosquito about the petition drive by the Catholic Church and others to ban same-sex marriage were very disturbing to me.

By including the phone number, Web site and questionable information about same-sex marriage in other countries, it appeared to me that the Mosquito was giving a free ad for a mean-spirited petition.

Yes, I am in favor of same sex marriage. Yes, I have a personal and ethical interest in granting same-sex couples the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. And yes, my son is gay.

In 1979 my wife and I became aware that our son was gay. For about a week my wife cried herself to sleep — she and I were worried that society would think our son was an evil, bad, sick person when we knew that he was a good caring person; we were concerned that he would not have a lifelong partner to share all the joys and sorrows of life; and most of all he would not have the joy (and possibly the sorrow) of being a parent.

Our fears were well founded at that time but fortunately society is beginning to realize that gays and lesbians are only different from straight people in their sexual orientation, something they had no choice in. For those that believe being gay/lesbian is a choice, I wonder if they can remember being torn between liking boys or girls or did they just one day discover that they were attracted to the opposite/same sex.

Today our son is married to a wonderful man and they have two beautiful children. Our other married children have not been harmed in any way and I have not heard of or read any situation where other straight couples or their children have been harmed.

Angelo De Benedictis
Carlton Road

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