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Friday, October 14, 2005

MAN WRESTLES GIANT ARACHNID. Chris Condron sets a scary Halloween tone as he hoists an inflatable spider into place on Ferns Country Store. (Photo by Ellen Huber)
"Private well water in use." We have all seen that disclaimer as lawn irrigation systems are running even during drought conditions. But is it private well water or is the water a community resource for a town like Carlisle? The question was raised at the October 4 meeting of the Board of Health after Stearns Street residents Deborah and Stephen ...more

The new Carlisle tax rate is expected to be $12.99 if the state approves the recap sheet, Treasurer/Tax Collector Larry Barton announced at the Board of Selectmen's October 11 meeting. The new rate is about 3% higher than the previous rate of $12.62 / $1,000 in property valuation. ...more

With the Board of Appeals (BOA), currently facing issues so critical to the future of Carlisle, having a complete, seven-member board present at Thursday night's meeting was cause for celebration. That moment, however, was short-lived as very real concerns surfaced about the current status of the board, it being "the lowest funded group," according ...more

On September 29, the Selectmen invited representatives of all town boards and committees to review the Selectmen's goals and provide feedback on their own goals and requirements. The result was a revealing overview of the workings of Carlisle town government. ...more

After graduating from high school a year ago, Emily Rolando chose to take Robert Frost's "road less traveled" and, in the words of the great poet, "that has made all the difference." Rolando, a resident of Garnet Rock Lane, left on September 3 and hiked the 270 miles of the Long Trail, solo, over 25 days. The Long Trail represents the oldest ...more

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