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Friday, October 7, 2005


Neighborhood changes prompt older residents to move on

The Goodalls, who listed their Deck house on Heald Road this week, are typical of many families who moved to Carlisle in the late 1960s. Susan and her husband William recently bought a lot in Gloucester and will be building a house with the hope of moving in next June.

They built their Carlisle house in 1969 and added on through the years. "The house grew as our needs grew," says Susan, "but unfortunately, you can't shrink it back down. We only use half of it. It's just too big for two people." William retires next year and the Goodalls want to sail and be by the water.

Susan says that over the past couple of years, she feels she has lost her connection to Carlisle. Her son no longer lives here and friends in the neighborhood have moved or are spending more time at vacation homes. "As more move you feel less attached. It certainly gets you thinking, 'Maybe the time's come.'"

Taxes were not a big factor in the decision. "We save a little, but not enough to justify a move." But the new home will be close to the T and "has garbage and sewer, all those modern conveniences I'll have to get used to." Although she'll miss Carlisle, she adds, "I'm not going to want to drive in the snow when I'm eighty."

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