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Friday, October 7, 2005


Shorts from the Planning Board, September 26

"Who wants to take a ride on a fire truck?" With a flurry of hands, the other members of the Planning Board responded to chair David Freedman's question during its September 26 meeting. His query was at the conclusion of a discussion of common driveways and subdivisions and their relationships to cul-de-sac minimum-turning radius. Fire Chief David Flannery had concerns about the regulation 25-foot inside radius for a cul-de-sac other than a subdivision. Member Raymond Bahr cautioned against making arbitrary changes. A consensus was reached: "more information is needed on the issue." This led to Freedman's question and the board's enthusiastic response.

Accessory apartment at 9 Timothy Lane. The Board voted to re-approve the special permit for an accessory apartment at 9 Timothy Lane, given that there were no substantial changes in the conditions since the initial approval in 1995. The request was made by Jean Morin, present owner of the property. Once filed with the Town Clerk, there will be a 20-day "appeal period." Abutters will be notified.

Buttrick Lane, Cross Street common driveways. Kevin Balboni, speaking on behalf of several residents of Buttrick Lane, requested information on how an existing common driveway special permit could be modified. He said, "We would like to combine Trusts One and Two into one trust to simplify administration." Each trust and related owners' association was set up to provide for maintenance of a common driveway. However, two of the three common driveways involved with the development connect and are called Buttrick Lane.

Changing the special permit would require a new public hearing, with abutter notification and other associated clerical costs. After discussion, chair Freedman summarized the Board's opinion: "There is no benefit to the Planning Board or to the town to accomplish your objective. The Town Administrator, Madonna McKenzie, may have to get involved to determine who will pay for it."

Another question was why two separate trusts were specified in the original documents. Freedman cautioned Balboni that there is a 1999 letter on file from Town Counsel to the effect that two trusts were required at the time of granting the special permit and that unless resolved it could present a legal hurdle.

Greystone Crossing (Cross Street development).The Greystone Crossing public hearing was continued to the October 24 meeting.

There will be no October 10 meeting because of the Columbus Day holiday.

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