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Friday, September 30, 2005


Today is Dave Galvin's last day on the job here in Carlisle. It was 31 years ago in 1974 when, at the age of 24, he joined the Carlisle Police Department. Four years later, he was named chief. I sat down and spoke with the modest, soft-spoken Galvin last week in his office at the police station. There was a list of questions that I was eager to ask before ...more

The parade of chefs carrying their favorite entrees, salads, and desserts up the steps to the school cafeteria Tuesday morning were bringing lunch in for the 150 teachers and staff at the school. ...more

Over the past several months Gleason Public Library volunteer Karen Rigg worked on a project that will make life easier for local history researchers and genealogists. ...more

Two weeks ago, Gleason Public Library (GPL) welcomed a new research and reference librarian, Jennifer Stone, who comes to Carlisle from Maine. Stone holds a B.A. in Creative Art from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, and an M.S. in Library and Information Sciences from the University of South Carolina (USC). ...more

People in Carlisle contribute to the town in a number of ways. Some civic-minded residents run for public office, and others serve on town boards. Then there's long-time Carlislean Richard Ketchen. He contributes his clockmaking skills to the Gleason Library. While professing to be unqualified for FinCom, he says, "I do know a lot about clocks," ...more

Kay Fairweather and I discovered a Nodding Ladies' Tresses Orchid Spiranthes cernua blooming in a sunny damp field where sundews were growing (Carlisle Mosquito, September 16, 2005). It had just started to bloom on September 5. I later found several plants blooming at Towle Field on September 13, and at Great Brook Farm State Park on September 21. ...more

When I was about eight years old, I asked my father why car odometers don't roll backwards when the car drives in reverse. He explained that if it were possible to make an odometer roll backwards, people who sold used cars could simply jack them up and run the engine in reverse to give the appearance of lower mileage, an answer that illuminated more about ...more

Can you name a photographer who worked in the Concord River area about 100 years ago? Author John Hanson Mitchell won't be surprised if you can't. In Mitchell's book, Looking for Mr. Gilbert: The Reimagined Life of an African American, Michell suggests that much of Gilbert's work was incorrectly attributed to his boss, William Brewster, a nineteenth-century ...more

Several weeks ago I commented on the Boston Magazine's article that named Carlisle as the best town in the state for "Quiet Seekers." I have since gone to the Web to get some additional information about our beloved town. ...more

Some people around town know him as "Uncle Ed," while those who have sampled his exquisite cooking refer to him as "Chef Lemire." But certainly anyone who has come into contact with 90-year-old Ed Lemire of Carlisle Village Court would consider him an instant friend, a man of faith, and a neighbor who embodied what is best about living ...more

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