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Friday, September 30, 2005


Carlisle School faces rising energy costs

On September 21, School Business Manager Steven Moore warned the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) that he estimates a 30% increase in energy costs during the current school year, resulting in a shortfall of $58,000.

Moore met with Carlisle School Buildings and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery to discuss ways to lower energy expenditures, and their ideas included reducing heat in the stairwells, to start heating the school an hour later in the morning, turning the heat off an hour earlier in the evening, and shutting school during vacations. With all those efforts, Moore estimated a saving of only 5% on the energy bill.

"It's hard to talk about putting a freeze on curriculum items" to pay the energy bill, said Superintendent Marie Doyle.

"Cutting curriculum should be our last resort," responded CSC member Michael Fitzgerald.

"Is it cost effective? Turning heat down?" asked CSC member Wendell Sykes. Teachers won't stay if the school is too cold, he explained. Fitzgerald worried that after-school community use of the buildings would be curtailed.

"We'll keep the heat to what is reasonable," responded Doyle.

The school administration is discussing a request for relief from the free cash account with the Finance Committee.

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