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Friday, September 30, 2005


Carlisle posts impressive stats

Several weeks ago I commented on the Boston Magazine's article that named Carlisle as the best town in the state for "Quiet Seekers." I have since gone to the Web to get some additional information about our beloved town.

Take a look at the data below and you may conclude that Carlisle is arguably the best town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in terms of quality of life. Our schools would seem to be the best bang for the buck anywhere! Every real estate agent should take note. How fortunate we are to live here. Our taxes are among the highest in the state, but we are getting our money's worth when it comes to schools. Now if we could only make it more affordable for our seniors, we would be in great shape.

Some notes on the data:

• The Carlisle Middle School is ranked first in the state, yet 107 towns spend more per pupil.
• For more information on the MCAS scores, go to and for per-pupil spending.
• Carlisle's average single-family tax bill is the fourth highest in the state, according to
• Carlisle's tax rate is 33% higher than Dover and Lincoln's and our home values average 23 to 30% lower. Note also that Concord, Dover and Lincoln are all closer to Boston and have commuter rail service.
• The "Crime Index" is a composite relative rating that includes the number of various types of crimes — it is also found at the web site.

For more information, please refer to the following web sites: and reference the Department of Education — Profiles — for information on schools, and for community profiles about income, home values and tax bills. The "effective tax rate" is calculated by dividing the average tax bill by the average home value as found in the community profiles at

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