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Friday, September 30, 2005


Check it out: News from the Library

Over the past several months Gleason Public Library volunteer Karen Rigg worked on a project that will make life easier for local history researchers and genealogists.

The library archives contain a series of scrapbooks compiled by the Friends of the Gleason Library and other volunteers from 1962 to 1979. Each week, the Carlisle Journal section of the Concord Journal was clipped and mounted in a scrapbook. Among the articles were a number on Carlisle history, including people, events, and Carlisle's old houses. The scrapbooks were literally dusty; stored in cardboard boxes, they had not been used in many years. They were accounted for in the finding aid, but were not especially visible or accessible. Most of the clippings contained everyday local news stories, but there were also articles that would prove useful for local historians, and if well researched, might occasionally keep them from having to "reinvent the wheel."

The Friends had culled the Carlisle articles from the Concord Journal, but Karen did a "second harvest," gathering all the articles that pertain to Carlisle's past. The result is a notebook containing over one hundred articles arranged in chronological order. Among the subjects covered are Blood houses, mills, the Robbins family, street names, the Cranberry Bog, Old Home Day, and the Litchfield Parsonage. The notebook adds an additional historical resource to the already rich collection that includes four books on the history of Carlisle — an abundance of historical resources for such a small town.

The notebook is part of Special Collections (the archives) at the Gleason Library and is available to library patrons — researchers and browsers alike- during regular library hours.

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