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Friday, September 30, 2005


Parents serve up thanks at fall CSA Staff Appreciation Luncheon

The parade of chefs carrying their favorite entrees, salads, and desserts up the steps to the school cafeteria Tuesday morning were bringing lunch in for the 150 teachers and staff at the school.

Staff Appreciation luncheons, held in September and June, bookend the school year with good food made with good will by parents saying thanks to the staff. The Carlisle School Association organizes the many details of the event. This year it even sent out paper invitations to all employees, said coordinator Seema Peterson.

"The entire staff loves the lunches," said second-grade teacher Lynn Walker, who has taught at the school for 15 years.

"Wait 'til you come to the CSA lunch," new employees are told, according to Buildings and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery, who said the staff really look forward to the event.

The entire staff lines up to sample the wonderful food provided by CSA parents who wish to show their appreciation for what goes on at the school. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

After students boarded buses for Early Release Day, teachers, administrators, and support staff lined up for the buffet. Chicken Marsala, pork loin, stir-fry, pasta dishes, vegetable salads of every kind, and cakes, pies, and brownies were laid out potluck style. Some parents put out copies of their recipes to share. Chrysanthemums, fall gourds and pumpkins gave the cafeteria charm beyond its everyday look.

Skip Avery - His plate full, special educator Skip Avery says he plans to pile on even more of the delicious food at the CSA Teachers Luncheon.
"The luncheons are a smorgasbord of foods from various ethnic groups," Superintendent Marie Doyle said. "Every dish is a delight to the palatewe truly feel appreciated!"

Teachers said they enjoy having lunch and catching up with friends and colleagues from other buildings. "It is one of those rare occasions when the entire faculty is together," said one teacher, "In a K-8 school it's challenging to get everyone together since we all have different schedules."

Third-grade teacher Cindy Morris said everyone enjoys and appreciates the events. "We can't believe the amount of parents who help to put these luncheons on."

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