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Friday, September 23, 2005


If you drive the posted 25 MPH speed limit on West Street, you may have noticed a tremendous wooden portal near the intersection of Log Hill Road. You cannot really see into the heavily wooded property with its natural shield of trees. In August, you might have seen heavy trucks entering and exiting the main gates. In September, you must have been aware of ...more


Name: Blister beetles are in the Meloidae family which has 26 genera and over 300 species in North America. This beetle has been identified in the genus Meloe (20 species) at the web site and also by an entomologist at U. Mass Amherst. The beetle fits well with the description of Meloe americanus but information on ...more

Yes, my garden is full of weeds, especially after a two-week vacation away from home. But when I look out my kitchen window, I see some lovely red blobs out there that remind me summer is not quite over. Fresh homegrown tomatoes can't be beat! So from late August until the first frost, hopefully not until mid-October, I'm in my kitchen cooking up a storm, ...more

Fall is a traditional time for tree work; the weather is pleasant, the trees are dormant, winter storms are approaching and people start thinking about firewood. Whether you are contemplating "Do It Yourself" or contracting professionals, understanding the tools of the trade can help. Below is a summary of professional tools and technique. ...more


[Population - 1488]

• Report of Director of Civil Defense: Federal Civil Defense Headquarters has announced that properly equipped shelters are now the only means of survival in missile attack.The Spalding School has been selected as our emergency headquarters should any disaster hit Carlisle. Town government, medical, communications and all Town and Auxiliary units, ...more

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