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Friday, September 16, 2005


Suppose you gave a party and invited more than 300 people. Now imagine having only three days to plan the event. That's what Dian Cuccinello and Alison Saylor did last week, with the assistance of a long list of Carlisle residents and friends. The Cajun Festival held on the Town Common on September 9 ultimately attracted an estimated 450 participants and raised ...more

by Dave Ives

An unfortunate misunderstanding brought Dr. Peter Morey to the Board of Selectmen on September 13. He assumed that his 20-year special permit to operate ...more

Last week the Billerica Board of Appeals denied a 40B application submitted by developer Walter Ericson of Massapoag Real Estate Development to pave Carlisle Street. This is a Billerica road providing the only access to Carlisle Woods, a proposed 40B development which lies in Carlisle on the Billerica Line. Boards from both Carlisle and Billerica must approve ...more

Two independent sightings of a moose occurred Sunday on conservation lands near the Concord River. ...more

The Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board held a joint meeting on September 13 with two goals in mind. First was the appointment of Brian Larson of 242 Autumn Lane as an Associate Member of the Carlisle Planning Board. This was done without delay by a unanimous vote from both boards. Larson will serve a two-year term ending June 30, 2007. The second item ...more

The Hurricane Animal Relief table sat next to the Hurricane Katrina contribution table at the Cajun Feast last week and provided an unexpected addition of $475 to the overall Carlisle Katrina relief effort. A regular ark of animals was impacted by the storm: a bulletin from the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine says the pets cared for ...more

The Carlisle school campus occupies an area that could fill a "hole" in the cell phone communications grid, reported Carlisle School Committee (CSC) member Wendell Sykes at the September 7 CSC meeting. Sykes, a member of the Carlisle Cell Tower Committee, explained a cell tower with a height of approximately 180 feet would emit microwaves above the ...more

School begins Opening day at Carlisle School started without any major concerns, Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle reported. "The staff had been here weeks before, setting up their classrooms," she said. All went well on the first day with the students. "There were no tears." "Not a one?" asked Carlisle ...more

Like every organization — corporate, non-profit, or municipal — the Carlisle Board of Selectmen sits down once a year to draw up a list of goals and objectives. Recently it has been a tradition to discuss goals at an informal meeting in late August, held at a member's home over barbecue and drinks. Most years, the list gathers dust until the next ...more

Town Common Design. Selectmen reviewed a proposal from Nicholas Reed, a landscape architect at NSRLA, for a master plan for the Town Common. Reed will review the design goals of the Town Common Committee, chaired by Reverend Tim Jensen, and then provide a proposed topography, "hardscape," planting, electrical, fencing and architecture, ...more

If multi-tasking is a hallmark of today's young women, the latest appointee to the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) fits the mold. A resident of Carlisle from 1999 to 2001, and again starting in the fall of 2004, attorney Kelly Stringham was recommended by the Commission on July 14 and subsequently appointed by the Board of Selectmen to fill the ...more

Discovery of 11 violations of the Carlisle Wetland Protection Bylaw at a single construction site in late August brought an immediate enforcement order from the Conservation Commission and an unprecedented refusal to recognize it by a septic system contractor. After Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard conferred with the responsible parties, the commission ...more

"The best way to manage public land is to get people involved in taking care of it." As of September 8, this Brian Donahue precept will be put to the test here in Carlisle. Following a two-week review of the report developed over the past nine months by its ad hoc Land Stewardship Planning Committee, the Conservation Commission voted to accept the ...more

Boardwalks and a bridge. The Trails Committee submitted an Amended Notice of Intent for two proposed trail improvement projects. Committee member Louise Hara sought approval for installation of two additional boardwalks on the trail that connects Foss Farm and the Greenough Land. Materials have been provided by a grant from the Heald Foundation ...more

The Carlisle Board of Health approved three septic system replacements at their meeting on September 6. All three applications required waivers from local regulations but met the state standard under Title 5. ...more

by Kathleen Coyle

Grant funds from the Highway Safety Bureau enabled Carlisle Police to conduct a traffic enforcement operation on September 1 that resulted in 21 vehicle stops, 11 citations, and three arrests, according to Carlisle Police Officer Andy Booth. Booth said the September 1 operation was the last of ...more

Thursday, Sept. 22

Town Hall 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Minutes and bills ...more

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